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This page contains instructions and informations about customizing the software.
You will need the software installed, access to webmaster area (password for webmaster) and ftp details for editing certain files.

The backend of the software is powered by the Ateom CMS.


1. Accessing Webmaster Area
The webmaster area is located in the webmaster/ folder. The default webmaster password is "123". In the latest version "webmaster" must be used as username. The webmaster password is stored in settings.php and can be edited on setup from the web interface or anytime later by editing that file via ftp.

Multiple administrators with different usernames and passwords can be defined from the webmaster area to access certain modules: Webmaster Area > Administrators > Manage . Administrator > Categories are used for assigning administrators to different departments that will receive tickets submited by website users trough the tickets system.

After script installation, go to Webmaster Area > Settings (bottom left menu), browse all categories and fill your settings. You can fill from there settings like site notification emails, site name, description, keywords, title stamp to place on pictures, affiliate bonuses and comissions. If you don't understand some settings leave them as default and contact us for details.

Templates must be added into webmaster area from Customizations > Templates before becoming available to frontend users in the template selection menu.


Getting Started with Webmaster Area

  1. Set site name in Settings > Templates
  2. Set your email in Settings > Registration, Notifications
  3. Set Rights (Permissions) for Members > Groups
  4. Setup a Lobby video chat room and make sure rtmp application address is filled right
  5. Customize email templates


2. Editing Site Templates

The templates module supports multiple templates that can be swapped realtime by website users (if this module is available).
The templates are located in the "templates" folder. Each template is stored in its own folder and contains all template files and graphics (organised in folders) .

There is a default template located in the _default folder (templates/_default/). The system loads pages from there when the required template files are not available in the currently used template folder. Template files that are not customized for the selected template and not included with it are loaded from the _default template folder.

Designers can use any html editor that does not alter the php code (Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver) to edit the layout and look of the website.

File references: To allow templates to run from any folder the images in the standard templates are referenced by relative dynamic path. (i.e. "templates/<?=$template?>/images/logo.jpg") . If you want a live preview for your template when editing and use direct static references ("/images/logo.jpg"), remember to copy your images/ folder to the site root. The templates are stored in the templates/ folder but are run from installation root folder.

For each template (i.e. templates/videogirls/ ):

Template page / edits templates/templatename/

Website Entry page
This page loads without the layout. If the entry template is not found, the main (home) page is loaded directly as first page ("index.php" + "layout.php").


Main page
Home page referenced by / and /index.php.When entering site the entry page is loaded instead of this.


Site Layout
Most pages load inside it.

Member Account Center
First member area page where members are redirected after login.
Styles styles.css
Template Settings settings.php
User Profile profile.php

Special Profile Layout
If that file is not found, the standard layout is loaded ("layout.php").

Profile Search search.php
Registration register.php

When you need to edit site design you usually need to start with templates/videogirls/layout.php :

Default templates that come with the software (preview in demo):

Download Templates


Generating Browse Links to place on the templates

You must attach these parameters to a link to match.php:
cvX= criteria value
cqX= criteria profile question
cc = total number of criteria
show_pictures= show snapshots
(X is the criteria index you're specifying 0,1,


Custom Thumbnails

The thumb widh is fixed and setup from webmaster area settings while height is calculated to keep aspect ratio.
The system automatically places images/logo.gif (transparent) in bottom right corner and thumb title in top left corner.

You can change thumbnail generation process to include your custom images, text formatting, watermarks, borders and frames.
The thumbnails are generated by img.php based on inc/imaging.php library. Both files contain php source code but require php programming skills for editing.


3. Editing Video Flash Chat Skins
The flash chat templates (skins) are editable from videoflashchat/templates/ . Video Flash Chat templates are based on images (mainly png) and a settings.php file for theme colors.

To remove the VideoFlashChat link you need to order the unlimited full source code license and edit the .fla or order the flash link removal service from the investments page and you'll receive a new swf.

Default skins that come with the software (preview in demo):
Download Skins


4. Editing Profile Questions
To edit the profile questions, possible search criteria, fields to fill on registration editing the template files is not required. Just go to the Webmaster Area : Customizations > Profile Attributes section.
All profile attributes and attribute categories are customizable from the webmaster area. The webmaster can also define what attributes are shown on simple/advanced search, registration page, results page, profile approval summary or in the info popup that shows when users place their mouse over a profile snapshot.
Profile questions can be grouped in categories on unlimited levels and cantegories can be targetted to certain profile types.

Profile types can be changed from profile questions and also from Members > Profile Types.
If you edit these and use VideoFlashChat make sure you also edit videoflashchat/_usertypes.php to assign blue icons as "male" and pink icons as "female". Default profile types should be Site Member (blue), Girl Performer (pink), Make Performer (pink). From Members > Groups in webmaster area, each group can be configured to allow creation or access of each profile type.
Editing profile questions and profile types is very important when theming software for other niches like pay per minute consultation/support sites for legal/technical/medical/spiritual advice.

Profile Verification Questions are profile attributes that are configured with Display : administrator. By default there's a special category for these: Attributes Category : [ MAIN ] - Profile Verification.
Answers for these questions show on profile approval screen in webmaster area, with approval pictures (usually ID scans).
Webmaster needs to approve both profile and main profile picture for profile to become publicly accessible in listings. Automated approval can be enabled from settings.


5. Editing Member Rights (Permissions)

Account rights can be edited from webmaster area and apply to users in this order:

  • default member rights (Marketing > Default Member Rights)
  • group rights (Members > Groups)
  • member rights (Members > List).

There are many permissions for various modules that can be powered by this system. Some important ones for this application:

Right Description Recommended For User Types
Performer shows the performer panel Performers / Operators : Yes, Members: No
Buy Credits allows member to buy credits and purchase memberships, start pay per minute chat sessions Members : Yes
Payment Withdrawals allows user to request payment (conversion of credits to money), request will show in webmaster area for processing Performers / Operators : Yes
Profile Slots how many profiles can be managed with account Performers: 1, Operators:20
Profile Approval Status enabled to automatically approve profile and profile changes; otherwise requires approval in webmaster area Members: Yes, Performers / Operators: No
Picture Slots how many pictures can be stored in account (total for all profiles)  
Picture Approval Status enable to automatically approve all picture; otherwise pictures will not show until approved in webmaster area  
Forum Administrator user can administer forums (create categories, forums, delete any topics or posts)  

Visitor Member Permissions
The visitor member is an account used to control rights for users browsing the site without registering an account. Permissions for visitors can be edited from Marketing > Visitor Rights in webmaster area. Do not delete this member entry.
If you remove this by mistake go to Development > Import SQL and restore it with this query:
INSERT INTO `members` VALUES (-1, 'visitor', 'visitor', 'System', 'Visitor', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', 1, 1051804234);
INSERT INTO `mextra` VALUES (3, -1, 1197571504, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 11, 0);


6. Editing Membership Packages
Membership packages can be edited from Webmaster area : Marketing > Membership Packages (or Members > Membership Packages in some versions). You can define unlimited membership packages with custom rights modifiers, custom expiration time, custom price for custom member types. Also you can define a trial package that applies to all members on signup or hidden packages only available by filling a promotion code.


7. Editing Email Templates

This software sends automated emails both in html and text formats. You can edit templates for both forms in the tpl folder for each automated email (i.e. registration, forgot password, notification for message, recommend to friend, ticket submission).

For multi language sites you can define templates for each language as explained on languages section.

If you have troubles with emails, check the requirements page for troubleshooting tips.


8. Adding Payment Processors / Methods

This script uses an internal wallet with credits system. People buy credits with real money and they can use these credits for pay per minute video chat sessions and membership.

This has some benefits:

  • multiple processors and currencies can be setup to buy credits,
  • flat processing comissions can be reduced because customers can buy in bulk to spend on multiple occasions (for chats with different performers on different times),
  • offers to buy more credits for discounts can be setup ($10 = 10 credits, $100 = 120 credits could be setup).

You need an account created on a payment processor site to use this. The system can collect credit card details and your staff could process that but we don't recommend this due to security reasons. It's best to work with a company that specializes in online payment processing.

There are multiple integration samples in the money folder. Starting from that, virtually any online payment processing system can be implemented.

If you don't find any of the files mentioned below, submit a ticket requesting these.


Paysite Cash Payment Processing Integration
Paysite Cash

For adding Paysite Cash as payment processor you should go to Webmaster Area > Money > Payment Processors and add & enable a Payment method with link mode/paysitecash.php . Setup site from Paysitecash. Edit in that file site id:
<input type="hidden" name="site" value="1748">
You shoud also remove this to disable test mode:
<input type="hidden" name="test" value="1"/>
Payments are processe by setting postback/ipn url to http://your-site/money/process/paysitecash.php .


Authorize Payment Processing Integration
Restrictions: From what we know can only be used with US Merchant bank accounts.
To setup this, go to Webmaster Area > Money > Payment Processors and add & enable a Payment method with link mode/authorize.php. If you do not have money/mode/authorize.php contact us for this sample. This sample is based on their Server Intergration Method (SIM) sample. To test this we recommend setting up an authorize developer account from .
Fill these variables in money/mode/authorize.php:
$loginID = "API_LOGIN_ID";
$transactionKey = "TRANSACTION_KEY";

After testing, when going to online production mode change $url = ""; to $url = ""; .
The processing script that will be called by Authorize is money/process/authorize.php and this will result in payments to be processed automatically.


Paypal Payment Processing Integration
Restrictions: Paypal usually does not allow most types of adult content. So only various business or soft adult sites.
For adding PAYPAL you should go to Webmaster Area > Money > Payment Processors and add & enable a Payment method with link mode/paypal.php . Leave amount 0 to allow user input of amount. Then edit the form in money/mode/paypal.php on the server and fill your email there.
<input type="hidden" name="business" value="">
The last step would be to setup IPN (instant payment notification) from your paypal account to . These samples may be out of date. Contact us with latest specs if you need assistance with a payment processor.


CCBill Payment Processing Integration
First you need to setup account and subaccount with ccbill. Then add at least a pricing option (i.e. $20 , time does not matter as these will be used for buying credits not a membership subscription) and a form. Use Tools > Account Maintenante >Account Admin from CCBill.

For adding CCBILL there are 2 methods:
1) Download a form index page from ccbill (from Account Admin > Form Admin), copy files to money/mode, rename index.html to index.php and add this code to each form <input type=hidden name=option1 value='<?=$stamp?>'> , then go to Webmaster Area > Money > Payment Processors and add mode/index.php as payment mode.
2) Edit money/mode/ccbill.php with your account/subaccount/form details, enable from Webmaster Area > Money > Payment Processors the mode with mode/ccbill.php.

Set instant payment notification url (payment success confirmation postback url) from ccbill to http://your-site-com/money/process/ccbill.php . This will use the option1 parameter that contains transaction stamp and automatically process payments.

Important: To meet CCBILL policy requirements make sure you disable credit card details storage on the site by doing these 2 actions: 1. From Webmaster Area > Money > Settings set "Local credit card management" to NO and press Save button, 2. Delete manage_cards.php from website files by ftp.

Contact ccbill support for updates about this and our staff for assistance. Usually each payment processor provides free assistance for setting up your website to make sales trough their services.


Zombaio Payment Processing Integration

In your Zombaio account, create site from Tools > Website management and get id. Then create pricing from Tools > Pricing structure and get its id.

Update these ids on the website in money/mode/zombaio.php form where it says action="" .
Copy money/process/ZombaioGW_1_1.php to website root. Edit it if you need to change settings or other functionality.

Enable from Webmaster Area > Money > Payment Processors the mode with mode/zombaio.php .

After doing this, in simulation mode when you buy credits as members this should be automatically added to the wallet. Ask Zombaio staff for further assistance and activation.


Commercegate Payment Processing Integration
For adding Commercegate as payment processor you should go to Webmaster Area > Money > Payment Processors and add & enable a Payment method with link mode/commercegate.php . Setup site and offers from commercegate. Edit in that file site id and offer to preselect:
<input type="hidden" name="wid" value="13907">
<input type="hidden" name="preoffer" value="19923">
Set postback/ipn url to http://your-site/money/process/commercegate.php and offer ammounts will automatically be added as credits when processed.


How can site generate profit?

  • Private Paid Video Chat Sessions
    When members spend some of the money goes to performer's wallet depending on site settings and rest is site profit.
    Example: Member buys 10 credits for $10, spends this in a private chat session, performer gets $6 in wallet (60% comission). After paying performer site owner will have $4 profit from this.
  • Membership
    Custom membership levels to access certain premium site features can be setup.
  • Affiliate Performer Feeds
    For startup sites, software can show affiliate feeds with performers from popuplar sites like Cams, Webcams
  • Advertisement
    Niche industry ads can be displayed to generate extra income.


9. External Webcam Feeds

This software can show performer webcams from external sites. This is great for startup websites with few performers of their own. Webmaster can also generate extra income from these feeds with the affiliate programs.

To edit your affiliate link, edit these files. To disable a feed rename that file or delete it. inc/cams.feed.php inc/webcams.feed.php


10. Languages

You can translate this software package to any language from the webmaster area. This includes most frontend page texts. Just go to the Customizations > Languages section, export a language file in one of the existing languages, translate it to your language and import the translation back into the system as a new language.

You will also need to add a gif image flag for your new language to the templates/_default/flags/ folder. The language name must start with a capital letter because existing flag names use capitals (use English, not english).

Character set encoding can be setup for each language. To setup RTL (right to left) languages, just add @ RTL to the character econding setting for that language in webmaster area. Example: "UTF-8 @ RTL".

You can also delete all sample languages except English (system language). You can hide / change selectors by editing inc/ that pulls languages list from mysql. You can setup a default language in settings.php as $local_language=1; where 1 is the id of the language.

Most other scripts have interface only language support - meaning the webmaster can choose a language and use the scripts for that language only - people fill their profile in the selected language and that is available for one language only. It's not the case with our systems: our packages have real multi-language support meaning the website can be used in multiple languages at the same time. Profile data can be filled in multiple languages and is stored for each filled language separately. Selectable attributes are translated automatically to all languages.

You can also define special mailing templates for each language in tpl/lang. Example tpl/lang/2/ for langauge with id# 2.

Special Characters
If sample translation characters don't show right after installation, import _setup/mysql/sql/language.reset.sql with PhpMyAdmin (comes with CPanel), or a similar tool.

If you notice that certain data is not saved right in the mysql database, you can change the character set, collation for any MySQL table with PhpMyAdmin , Operations for that table. To support all languages change it to utf8_unicode_ci.
Or use this mysql query if you don't have phpmyadmin or want to automate: ALTER TABLE `table_name` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci .

This should convert main tables (change character set and collate to ones you need):

ALTER TABLE `lang_text` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE `attrib` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE `attribs` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE `categories` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE `members` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE `mprofiles` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE `pictures` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE `messages` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE `packages` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE `payment_transfers` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE `forum_posts` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE `forum_topics` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE `vfc_rooms` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;

Also see to select character set for a specific language.

Certain inputs like profile name are filtered so you might need to disable this filtering if using special characters. In example inc/profile.lib.php contains a profile_upload($name, $type, $owner) function where this line should be commented:
$name=preg_replace("/[^0-9a-zA-Z]/"," ",$name);
Contact if you require assistance.


11. Forums

Forums and forum categories can be created by any member that has Forum Administrator permissions or with the webmaster member account. Forum administrators can also delete posts.


12. Video Chat Settings

You can edit public video chat rooms (i.e. Lobby, Support) from webmaster area : Video Flash Chat > Rooms. Add at least a public room for testing.

If you ever need to setup / update the rtmp (red5/fmis) settings, go to the webmaster area and paste the RTMP application path in all these locations:

  • Video Flash Chat (Menu)
    • Settings
      • Default FMS application path for private rooms
      • Default FMS application path for public rooms
    • Rooms
      • All rooms

Your rtmp address shoud be like: rtmp://your-rtmp-server/videoflashchat . If you also need to setup rtmp side see below:

12.1 Install VideoFlashChat RTMP Side

First make sure you have a compatbile rtmp host that meets the requirements.

Here are some samples of installing the videoflashchat rtmp application on different systems with default settings:

Installing in Red5 on Linux
1. Copy _setup/_red5/videoflashchat to opt/red5/dist/videoflashchat and restart the red5 server. (assuming red5 is installed in /opt/red5/dist )
If you install it in a different folder name, edit videoflashchat/WEB-INF/ to reflect that.
2. Restart red5
cd /opt/red5/dist/
./ > log.txt &

Installing in FMS with Influxis
1. From My Applications create application with Add New Application. Use any name i.e. "videoflashchat" and save generated rtmp path.
2. From File Admin edit videoflashchat/main.asc file and make sure it has the contents of _setup/_fms/videoflashchat/main.asc (open it with notepad or other text editor). If needed select all from text editor (CTRL+A), copy (CTRL+C), move to form, select all from there (CTRL+A), paste from clipboard (CTRL+V) to overwrite.
3. From Permissions, Set Referring Domain(s), Add New Domain - add your domain that hosts the flash (i.e.
More recent versions could have different menu names but steps are the same (create new app, fill main.asc, allow access from website domain)

Installing in FMS on Windows
Copy _setup/_fms/videoflashchat to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Sever X.X\applications.
Note: This requires the Flash Media Interactive Server, as it also needs other features in addition to streaming.

Installing in Red5 on Windows
1. Copy _setup/_red5/videoflashchat to C:\Program Files\Red5\webapps.
If you install it in a different folder name, edit videoflashchat/WEB-INF/ to reflect that.
2. Run... services.msc (or go there from Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services , find & right click Red5 row and choose Restart.

If you allow or any domain to access your rtmp server you can test the rtmp installation with this:


13. Joomla Integration

VideoGirls BiZ can be used in combination with a Joomla site using a specially created Joomla module that automatically creates accounts for Joomla members and allows one click login to the pay per view / video chat script features. See a demo for this on Joomla Integration Demo.

VideoGirls.BiZ developed a free, GPL, Joomla 1.5 module that enables Joomla users to automatically login to a Video Girls system.  This is a great module to use if you have a Joomla site with many members and want to offer them pay per view / pay per minute video chat services. This works with all Ateom powered turnkey sites including Video Girls BiZ, Software for Dating, Match Agency BiZ, Buy Dating Site.

This module automatically creates accounts for Joomla users that are logged in.
Account type (member group) and profile type for account that is automatically created can be configured from module parameters.

This module creates accounts using same username and email used for the Joomla account. If users already have an account with the VideoGirls script (any type) and use the joomla username and email, the module will not create a new one. It will just provide access for the existing one. That means webmaster can promote member accounts to performers or affiliate groups and automated login will work fine for these.

Other profile types (performers, affiliates) must register using the VideoGirls system or can be promoted from regular accounts by webmaster.

After installing VideoGirls BiZ and Joomla download the Ateom Members Joomla Module.

1. Login to your joomla administrator area.
2. Go to Extensions  > Install/Uninstall and Upload Package File.
3. Go to Extensions > Module Manager and click Ateom Member Integration.
4. Fill relative VideoGirls installation url (if you have joomla on your main site and VideoGirls BiZ in videogirls folder fill "videogirls" as folder).
5. Fill VideoGirls BiZ mysql database access details (as listed in the settings.php file).
6. Enable module.


14. Custom Content

In webmaster area, Customizations > Content Management you can edit custom content sections and pages like:

  • Registration Agreement
  • Terms of Use
  • Member Area News

15. Troubleshooting

This section contains issues reported by customers that may apply to older versions and even latest version if a global solution was not found.

Problem: Only in Chrome browser, when try to create a Hosted Room, keep getting: RTMP Connection Closed . Two sessions show up for the same room ID at Webmaster Area - Video Flash Chat : Sessions .
Solution: Removing "<script language="javascript">form1.submit();</script> " at line 43 in "videoflashchat.php".

Contact Us

If you need access to all core files source, you can upgrade to an unlimited full source code license.
If you have any questions about the features, or want to download the templates before ordering the product contact us anytime by submitting a ticket.

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